Estimated Expenses

Expense Approximate Expense Amount Note
Total Living Expenses 650 Euros
(per month)
Tuition Fee 252,20 Euros
(per semester)
The fee includes contributions to the student administration, student body and the “Semester Ticket”, which provides free public transportation within Darmstadt and surrounding.
Housing 200 – 300 Euros
(per month)
Health insurance
65 Euros
(per month)
Having health insurance is a mandatory precondition for registration at university. Price quoted is for students under 30 years.
Food 150 – 350 Euros
(per month)
Students get a price concession for food in university cafeteria.
Books and other Incidentals 50 – 100 Euros
(per month)

Further information can be found here :

Expenses Information – International Office TUD

Scholarships and Funding

Use the following links to find out about funding opportunities / scholarships:

Scholarship Information – TUD (in German only)

Scholarship Information – International Students TUD

DAAD Scholarship Database

However, these scholarships are usually very limited in number and it takes considerable time in granting the scholarship amounts. Hence, it will be advisable to apply for them well in advance (even before coming to Germany).

German Language:

The EPE masters course is mainly taught in English. However, (basic) knowledge of German is very helpful in many social and daily situations and for the optional courses as well. Hence, the program includes two mandatory German language courses: “German as foreign language”.

The foreign language center of the university, Sprachenzentrum (SPZ), conducts these courses. Sprachenzentrum(SPZ)

Campus Life

All study and no fun makes life lazy and boring. Creating leisure time is not overwhelmingly difficult. One could immediately see a considerable amount of free time if proper time management is done based upon priorities. Then simply set aside a time every week for a leisure activity you enjoy. Just have a look at interesting engagement activities at TUD here.

Campus Life

  • Dart Racing
  • Drama
  • IGM Excursions for International Students
  • Night Life
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Dance
  • Student Clubs – Faith Based
  • Student Clubs – Country Based