Congratulations. We look forward to seeing you in Darmstadt.

Tutors and Buddies:

A tutor is assigned to every admitted candidate to assist them with the next steps. The details of the tutor will be sent through email by the ETIT department.

In addition, the “International and External Affairs” offers a Buddy program for all international students. The aim of this program is to promote intercultural contacts between the university’s students and prospective international students.


Student Housing:

Student accommodation is managed by TUD's “Studentenwerk”. Detailed information about housing facilities, rents and application procedure is given in their website.

Accommodation – Studentenwerk .

Private Housing:

Note that it might not always be possibe to offer every student an accommodation at a student dormitory. The number of applications received greatly exceeds the number of units available. So, please try the below external accommodation sources as well.

Other accommodation sources – Tips from Studentenwerk

Emergency Accommodation:

In the event that you have failed to find accommodations by the time you arrive in Darmstadt, you may stay at the Youth Hostel. Youth Hostel Link

You will have to show your passport and residency permit for Germany. Discounts are granted to holders of an International Youth Hostel Pass or International Student Identity Card (ISIC). ISIC may be obtained at the Youth Hostel or the Student Union (Hochschulstr. 1, room 56). Stays there are limited to three consecutive nights.

Visa Process:

Please check with the German Embassy or Consulate in your country whether you need a Visa to study in Germany. If yes, please complete the neccessary formalities to acquire a residental permit to study in Germany. As a general rule, the student should show a proof of financial means to support his/her living in Germany.

Note: University has no control in the visa process. It cannot interfere into or try to hasten the visa process.

Planning your arrival:

Please make sure to arrive during our office hours.

Report at the Internation Academic Office ( Akademisches Auslandsamt) the very next day to discuss further steps to take (enrollment, health insurance, contract for your room, bank account, etc.).

Important documents:

Please bring the following documents as well. These have be submitted at the time of enrollment.

  • Passport
  • Proof of health insurance with a German health insurance company. ( Note: We strongly advise our students to purchase German Health Insurance during the Orientation week at TU Darmstadt. )
  • Originals of the documents submitted during application process ( such as school leaving certificates, list of subjects, corresponding grades, University entrance exam certificate, university degree certificate, transcripts of each semester, language certicate etc). Original documents for AAA.

Directions to TU Darmstadt:

Students have to report first at the international academic office ( AAA). This is located in the old main building of TU Darmstadt. Here are detailed directions on how to get to AAA office.

Step 1: Come to Darmstadt HAUPTBAHNHOF ( central train station) from Frankfurt

  • From Frankfurt Airport:
    • The most convenient way to reach Darmstadt is by Airliner. Airliner is a shuttle bus service running from Frankfurt International Airport right into the center of Darmstadt. It stops near the entrance of the airport terminal 1 (hall B) and runs every 30-60 minutes during the day.
    • There is a special discount on ticket price for students. You can buy the ticket inside the bus directly from the driver. Inform the driver or fellow travelers that you want to get off at the HAUPTBAHNHOF Darmstadt— this is the central train station of Darmstadt.
  • From Frankfurt Railway Station
    • You can travel on to Darmstadt by S-Bahn, a regional subway/train. The S-Bahn you have to look for is called ‘S3’ in the direction to Darmstadt. It leaves from an underground platform underneath the train station. The escalator leading to the platforms is located in the main entrance hall of the train station, close to platforms 20-25.
    • You can also catch a regional speed train (RB). These trains leave from the main terminal at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof roughly every hour (check the schedule).
    • Purchase a ticket from Frankfurt to Darmstadt at a ticket machine or a ticket office (you will need Euro cash). Check the timetable—do not confuse the arrival (white color) with the departure (yellow color) timetables. Sometimes trains do not run from their designated track for operational reasons; this will be announced over the P.A. and also be shown on the displays at the platform. Do not hesitate to ask service personnel or fellow travelers for help if necessary.

Step 2: Come to the LUISENPLATZ from HAUPTBAHNHOF:

  • You will have to use one of the busses or streetcars that stop in front of the main entrance of the Hauptbahnhof. You are not required to purchase a further ticket since the one you purchased in Frankfurt or on the Airliner Bus is also valid for the Darmstadt Public Transportation System. Take one of the busses labeled ‘K’,‘F’ or ‘H’ or the streetcar number 3 or 4/5 to the Luisenplatz—the city’s central square. Find your way from the Luisenplatz to AAA office (see below).

TUD - Karo 5 (Reception)
TUD Karo 5 (AAA Office)

Step 3: How to reach AAA Office from the LUISENPLATZ (in Darmstadt)

  • From the Luisenplatz (with its towering monument of grand duke Ludwig in the center), you face a short walk to the TUD administrative building, in which AAA office is located. Standing at the monument, you will see a post office to your far left and a pharmacy to your far right. These mark the northern side of the Lusienplatz.
  • Leave the square to the north via the Luisenstraße and turn right at the end of the block. The street is called Zeughausstraße, and your destination should already be visible from there. It is a tall, modern concrete building on the left side of the street a few blocks away. On the way you will pass the old buildings of the Landesmuseum and Staatsarchiv to the left and the Schloss (Castle) to the right. In case you got lost, ask a passerby for directions to the “TUD-Verwaltungsgebäude” at the Karolinenplatz. In front of the administrative building you will see a small water fountain. The main entrance is to the left. AAA office is located at the 2nd floor.

The map of the campus can be downloaded from here. Campus Map – City Center

First steps in Darmstadt:

Detailed information is given in these links.

First Steps – EPE New Students – EPE Website

First Steps – New Students – International Office TUD