Yes. The professors, facilities, lecture contents, etc. in the International Master Program are the same as those offered in the regular German language program. So you can expect the same level of quality.

No. We offer only one admission per year, starting in September.

All the information regarding tuition fees, scholarship opportunities and accommodation is already given in our website.

Application Process

The application procedure is handled through an online process by AAA office.

Application Procedure for EPE programs

Yes. However, you must be able to submit an authenticated copy of your degree certificate by July 15th.

A provisional certificate is a document issued by some universities and given to the students when they graduate. With this document, they can apply for our program, but they have to hand in the final degree certificate until the 15th of July.

No. You only need to be proficient in English to apply. All mandatory lectures,many optional lectures, labs and seminars are in English.

However, lectures and seminars in some particular topics are offered in German language only. To make possible to all students to take advantage of the whole range of offerings, the program includes a mandatory German course for those without good German skills. This German course is offered free of charge to all EPE Master Program students and is organized by the Language Center of the TU Darmstadt.

No. All the information regarding the program is in the website. The application procedure is also done through the website.

We do not restrict the number of students. All the candidates who fulfill the program requirements will be recommended by the Selection Committee to join the program. There is no Numerus Clausus entrance restriction.


The EPE Master Coordination can only recommend you for enrollment. The enrollment itself is done by the Studentensekretariat (for German citizens) or the Akademisches Auslandsamt (for foreign students). The letter you received was probably sent by one of those departments, because they found problems with your documentation. In this case, you should contact them directly to get the problem solved. In such case, the recommendation for enrollment that was issued by the EPE Selection Committee is maintained, and the student would be enrolled as soon as the documentation issues are cleared with the corresponding admission department.

Contact the person at the AAA (Akademisches Auslandsamt) who issued you the admission letter and explain why you want your admission to be deffered. If your reasons are tangible, he or she will issue you a new admission letter for next year.

Unfortunately we can't do anything regarding this matter.

The technical courses usually begin in the second half of October. However, all EPE students without German language proficiency are expected to arrive in September for the German language intensive course (6 weeks, starting in the first working day of September).

In the first days after your arrival, you should contact the AAA (Akademisches Auslandsamt) in order to proceed with your registration.

We recommend you to get your health insurance here in Germany, because you can take advantage on special student fees. After your arrival, you can go to any insurance company and ask for it. You should show them your admission letter in order to get the reduced fees for students. It will cost you then about 50 Euro per month.


If you are foreigner living in Germany with a student visa, you may work full time without a work permit for a maximum of three months or 180 half-days per year during semester breaks (“Employment promotion law” § 19) without a work permit. But keep in mind that some of the examinations, projects and your internship will probably take place during the semester break.

Note: You will need to devote most of your time to your studies to finish it successfully within the normal time period. Hence it is advised not to plan for part-time work.