Surveys and Feedback

Feedback – Voice your thoughts:

This link is enabled by EPE program coordinator at the end of every semester. This feedback consists of a questionnaire about various aspects of the course and study. Based on your response, appropriate action is taken.

Link for Half Yearly Feedback (will be included soon)


Surveys are bidirectional awareness programs between university and students. Through these surveys, university learns how aware students about its different programs and events (such as IGM, Unisport, Marathon race etc). These surveys are equally useful to students as firstly they are made aware of different interesting programs and secondly giving a direct feedback to university.

Examples: “Do you know?? Survey”

1. How often do you use TUD forums?

0 a. Very Often

0 b. Rarely.

0 c. What and where is it? ( info link about the topic)

Survey Archives.

Soon to be launched…