Study Program

Study Program

Time table

The EPE first semester students may find here the time table for the WS 2012/13.

Course Catalog:

The comprehensive list of all the courses offered for EPE program can be found in the course catalog. Detailed information of each course can further be found in our module hand book and also in respective institute websites. Using these catalog and module handbook, please choose your courses. Then make your own study and exam plan.

Note: It is recommended to study mandatory courses in the semesters suggested in the above master examination plan.

Course Catalog for your personal planning as xls

Course Catalog as pdf

EPE_Courses – Module_Hand_Book (detail description of each course).

Lecture Schedule:

The detailed schedule or timing of every course is maintained at central website. Scripts of the lectures can be downloaded from respective institute websites. Please design the weekly time table based on the courses and their timings.

Lectures Schedule on TUCAN.


There is no automatic registration for exams in TUD. Students can decide if they want appear for all the exams or no exam at all. Hence, their decision has to be informed by a registration process for exams. Students should register for individual course they wish to take. They can also withdraw an already registrated exam within a timeframe. For Masters Students, this time frame is usually within 2 weeks before the exam.

Currently exam schedules and registration is handled by the Exams Secretary Office (“Prüfungssekretariat”). In the near future, it shall be handled by the campus net management software.

Exam Details – TUCAN

Presentation examination rules

For Bachelor and Master students it is allowed to perform once in your study an oral amendment exam in addition to your third written exam. That means: students, who fail a written exam three times, can improve one subject at a grade „ausreichend“ (4,0) by doing an oral exam.

This oral amendment is possible only once in your study. You have to apply for it in the examination office latest four weeks after the grade has been published .


Internship has to be done for a minimum of 9 weeks between third and fourth semester. It can be done either in industry or research institute ( such as Fraunhofer – Institute) or external university. At the end of the internship, a report has to be submitted. All the rules and regulations pertaining to internships can be found in the file:Internship regulations

Tip: If you want to do internship in industry, you need to apply for the same at least two months in advance. Also some internship offers can be found on the notice board outside ETIT “Service Zentrum” or inTUD Stellenwerk Site.


Thesis work can be carried out in industry or under a professor in the university.

List of ongoing research work.

TUD Academic Organisation:

All the information regarding academic organisation is maintained at “Academic Organisation” webpage of university website. Typically this information is about exchange programs, PHD programs, double degrees, change of degree program, part time programs, authentication of certificates and grievance redressal.

Academic Organisation – TU Darmstadt