1. All ETIT Institutes and laboratories:

ETIT Institutes and Labs

2. University library:

The university library is currently housed in the magestic castle of Darmstadt. Soon it will be moved into a new state-of-art building.

University Library (ULB)

3. ETIT Department reading room:

ETIT reading room (NTB)

4. Institute reading rooms:

Every individual institute has its own reading room ( For eg:Reading Room – High Voltage Technolgy). Please consult the assistants of professors for more information.

5. E-Learning Tools:

Various modes of E-Learning (such as online course material or scripts, video lectures, wiki pages, forums, online chat messenger etc) are being implemented by the E-Learning center of TUD.TUD E-Learning website

Other useful sources:

TUD Forums

ETIT Forums

6. Foreign Language Center:

“Sprachenzentrum ” is a central foreign language facility of the TU Darmstadt. Here one can learn many foreign languages completely free of cost.

Tip: The city library of Darmstadt (called “Stadtbiblothek”) also has a wonderful section for learning foreign languages.

Sprachenzentrum (SPZ)

Stadtbiblothek Darmstadt (City Library)

7. PC Pools:

ETIT department offers its students publicly accessible computer labs called “PC Pools”. The computers here are loaded with state-of-art softwares and can be used for both learning and free browsing purposes. There is also a “Central PC Pool” managed by HRZ (university computer center) at university level.


HRZ or University PC Pools

8. Student Representations (or Associations):

The university level student association is called “ASTA”. The ETIT department also has its own student union called “Fachschaft 18”, which is again a part of ASTA. These two are political representations of students. Student can approach these anytime in case of any help.

TUD Student union – ASTA

ETIT Student union -Fachschaft 18 ( More than just coffee)

9. Electrical Technology Association (ETV):

It is one of the oldest university student groups at the TU Darmstadt ( founded in 1899 ). They organise a variety of events such as technical seminars, field trips and socializing fun activities. They also maintain a large collection of question papers of former semester exams..


10. Alumni (former students) network:

TUD Alumni Network

11. Jobs & Careers portals:

Student Jobs (Hiwi Jobs):

Hiwis (Hilfs- wissenschaftler) are students helping in support activities in teaching, research and other service projects. All such on-campus along with other off-campus jobs are advertised on the university job portal called “Stellenwerk”.

Tip: Please check the notice boards outside department institutes for offline ads.

Stellenwerk – Job Portal

Company Contact Fairs:

The Konaktiva is one of the oldest and largest student-organized company contact fairs in Germany. It offers students the chances of getting internships, thesis or even come closer to the dream job in their different companies.

Konaktiva – Company Contact Fairs

12. Mensas (or Canteens):

Canteens are managed by independent body at university level, which is called “Studentenwerk”. These offer special discounts for students.

Studentenwerk Mensas – Eat and Meet.